Thursday, 6 December 2007

Well here goes...

We've had nothing but heavy rain and wind now for three days,seems like non-stop.I began part commuting by bike to and from work in earnest on Sunday 25th November '07,and because I work 12 hour shifts and alot of overtime,ended up doing it 7 days on the trot.It was wet and windy most days,and my colleagues at work thought me mad,and constantly told me so,which spurred me on,even more.But the truth is the weather wasn't a burden in any way,as all you commuters know, it is quite rare to have constant rain,to get really soaked on one's commute,either that or I was extremely lucky.

My commute (when I'm on days) begins at 04.00 when I get up,then drive to my cycle start position by 04.25,unload my bike off the bike rack,which I then store in my carboot,then cycle the remaining 9 miles to my work.The return process begins at 17.30 and I'm usually home by 18.45,so quite a long day,but the benefits far outweigh my effort.

Just before I started cycling again,after not riding a bike for some forty years ,about 18 months or so ago I was 17 stone plus (that's over 224 lbs),had high blood pressure and could barely run.Now I feel great and look foreward to every chance I can to cycle.

But today makes the third day in a row that I haven't been on my bike,I'm using the weather as an excuse,I know,or perhaps I pushed it too hard doing my commute 7 days on the trot,or am I just kidding myself and being lazy.Yes we're both right,it's the latter! Never mind there's always tomorrow,and Saturday I have another day shift to get me back on the straight and narrow.

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