Tuesday, 11 December 2007

11th December 2007

Started back commuting on my bike yesterday morning,cycled in to work for my 12 hour dayshift,about 10 miles.The heavy rains stopped on Sunday,I was depressed that I didn't make the effort to get out on my bike all day that day,but made my excuses that I had to do some shopping with Elizabeth (my partner).So that evening,I resolved to prepare for the morning commute,so that I would have no excuses to hide behind.Come Monday morning,as I was cycling to work I was more than gratified,because it was really great to be out there cycling in the fresh air,even though I ended up cycling into a strong wind,and there was a constant threat of rain in the air.My cycling time to work is approx.,45-50 minutes,starting at 04.45 to arrive at work 05.30,I didn't see another cyclist at all,not that I can get even a nod,of recognition from any of them,I think those that I have seen,consider themselves somewhat aloof to me.Still I'm out there because I love to cycle,and I'm determined not to get into whatever mental malaise I was in that,somehow,stopped me geting out on my bike,in those days up to Sunday.

Today saw me repeat my commute of yesterday,and I was even better rewarded for my effort,it was dark,with a very heavy frost,but once I was moving I was snug in my clothes.Not that my gear is up to much,it's what you might call serviceable stuff.It consists of a thick wool beanie style hat,thermal vest(not of the moisture wicking kind),pollo shirt,baggy shorts with the cushioned seat,beat up old trainers,half calf length hiking socks,and an old high visibility jacket (bright orange).No wonder those other cyclists ignore me I must look a right sight.But for the moment these garments do the job,I'm hoping we won't have to experience low temperatures anywhere near those now being felt in the midwest of the USA,if we do,I will have to get a whole new wardrobe,especially having read mncyclist and alaska cyclists' blogs,but at the same time a part of me is very envious of their experiences,ice and snow biking.Still with global warming who knows what's in store for any of us.

Normally,if anyone can use that phrase with any kind of accuracy,the hard winter being felt in the midwest at the moment,travels across the Eastern Seaboard of the USA and arrives,to hit Britain about 4 to 6 weeks later,I hope not,or my gear is going to be completely inadequate,still que sera,what will be,will be...

The important thing is I'm back.....cycling,and must keep it going.I must get a cycle computer so that I can record my mileage day by day,month by month etc., as on the other more professional cyclists' blogs,I've so much to do to get up to speed with the rest of you cyclists.I really don't know where you all find the time.

I'm off from work tomorrow,and I'm afraid I must go with Elizabeth to make and get the preparations in order for Christmas,only a fortnight from today,and as Elizabeth says we've loads to do,no excuses this time,Thursday I'm back on days,right through till Monday,so I should,sorry will be comuting everyday!

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