Sunday, 16 December 2007

Short shift today,but wrong route!

The weather is holding up well,bright sunshine and clear skies,it got a bit windy today,and as a result,I changed my route to cycle to work,for a more sheltered one,so avoiding the seafront of Aberavon.Despite the wind I enjoyed my ride,even though it took a little longer.My shift was a short one,as I was mealbreak relief for my colleagues,taking over their panels,while they had some food in turn.

Why is it when the wind blows it always blows in your face,head on,it did on my way in this morning,and of course,by the time I was cycling home,it had done a 180 degree switch??Consequently,I again took the more sheltered route homeward,avoiding the seashore.As it was earlier in the day,and thus lighter,I was able to go along the canal towpath,where I was able to pass a quick few words with an old chap,on his comfort bicycle(if that's how they're described as) and dressed in ordinary clothes.He was ahead of me,and he had a wonderful method of getting through the cycling gates,that are placed(annoyingly for me) to prevent motorcycles using the towpath.He rode right up to them,dipped one shoulder,slightly turned his handlebars,and without dismounting,went through.Something I was not willing to attempt,by the time he got to the next one,I was right behind him,and he repeated the performance,I said to him that I couldn't manage that,to which he replied,

"Well I've been cycling up and down this canal for 40 years,so I've had alot of practise"

I hope,he and I,will be cycling in another 40 years from now,and able to get through the gates so smoothly,currently I have to dismount every time.

Anyway,returning home Elizabeth said that Conor had told her that a whale had been washed up on Aberavon beach,that hundreds of people had descended on the shore to look at it,fortunately it was a carcass,not alive,but it was huge,20-30 foot long.My avoidance of the wind had meant,I'd missed the opportunity of seeing something,I've never seen before.I consoled myself that I would get to see it on the news this evening,but no,it was not even mentioned!

Tomorrow,I have to go shopping with Elizabeth,and help get things ready for Christmas,not forgetting those--ugh! DIY jobs,I spoke of yesterday.However,I have to go to work for the nightshift,I have to cover for one of the lads who's had a bereavement in his family.So I'll be cycling in tomorrow evening,then home the following morning,which will keep my mileage and exercise up.Then I've got nightshifts on Wednesday,Thursday and Saturday,and off till the Saturday after Christmas,I think I've mentioned this before...

There's more Spanish football tonight,with another visit to 'La Liga',it's Real Madrid tonight,by the way Ronaldinho didn't even play last night,they kept him on the subs' bench for the entire game,and still Barcelona won 3 nil,I must admit,even without him,they played great.Well kick-off is in a few minutes,so hopefully I'll be writing up my experiences tomorrow.

Good night.

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