Thursday, 13 December 2007

Enjoyed today

Only needed to get to work by 06.00 today,so took the longer route along the seafront of Aberavon,could only see the waves in the distance as white lines,but they were audible in the darkness at approximately 05.30 as I pedalled by.It was dry and cold,but the ice on my car was the thickest so far,as winter sets in, and I lost time scraping it off the windows ready for the first part of my commute,by car to Neath.

Leaving my car in secure(Ihope so)parking at Neath railway station I then cycled on to Port Talbot,via Aberavon seafront,only saw one other cyclist,who was heading toward the steelworks,I could tell,by the distinctive yellow high viz he wore, which Corus,supplies to its employees.While,I have to wear a very old orange high viz jacket,from a previous employer of mine i.e.,Railtrack,I now work for Network Rail,which though it offers the benefits of the Cycl2work scheme,as Corus does, shies away from supplying such jackets to its employees like myself,which I consider ever so mean.My jacket is in need of replacement,it is far from waterproof,and in fact in heavy rain is soaked through in 10 minutes,but I'll have to keep hanging on on for now.

Last night I did a wish list of clothing gear I'd ideally like to make my commuting more comfortable etc.,came to just under £400,well that ain't going to happen soon.The good news is the forecast for the next 5 days is dry,windy and cold,I don't find them a problem,as,so far I've been nice and warm on my commute.

Well that's all I've time for now,so I'll close.

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