Saturday, 15 December 2007

Great weather

Uneventful bike commute to and from work today,except to say that it was dry and extremely mild for the time of year,and I really enjoyed my time in the saddle.I travelled much later this morning,because I didn't need to be in till 08.30 or so,and so I saw other cyclists,three in fact,two of whom, I am pleasantly surprised to report actually returned a 'hello' to me,I was beginning to think civility was dead amongst cyclists,thankfully it seems not,well not entirely anyway.

The forecast suggests that this weather is to continue well into next week,I'm in work tomorrow for a short shift 08.00-16.00,so I will be cycling again,but I'm off then Monday and Tuesday,and must give Elizabeth a hand preparing for Christmas,and also do a couple of jobs about the house.Just like my non-mechanical aptitude with my bikes,the skills of DIY about the house also escape me,but I have to give it a go,cleaning a couple of damp patches,that keep coming back,I hope to hide them,if not cure them,for the holiday period,at least.Of course there's the Christmas decorations,that need to be hung,so I can't see me taking a ride on my bike for those two days,but I'm nights Wednesday and Thursday,which will see me back to my commute.Then unless I get an unexpected call,to go in,I'm off straight through,till the Saturday after Christmas.

First time that has happened in quite a few years,so it will be great to spend the time with Elizabeth,at home,no doubt my sons,Keiron,Conor and Tierloch,will be in and out over the holiday,as well,not forgetting Conor's wife Anne,and her son Jack.Slowly but surely the family's getting bigger.

I'll have to sign off,for now,I'm going to watch my favourite football team,on Sky now,i.e.,Barcelona play,in the Spanish league,or 'La Liga' as they say in spanish.I know I'm wandering off the subject of cycling,but it is my blog isn't it?I love all sorts of sports,soccer is one of my favourites.Why Barcelona I hear you ask?The answer is,the one and only, Ronaldinho,simply the best footballer I have ever seen,except possibly,the great Pele,but they are very close.Anyway must dash.

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