Monday, 24 May 2010

Just ramblings.

Anyone who has visited my blog can plainly see, I'm not a regular poster. For several reasons, first is the copious amounts of time I need to make even a short post, i.e., lack of dexterity on the keyboard, as well as a technical hitch resulting in the loss of my ability to publish photos on this blog. Then there's what to actually talk about?

Sadly the majority of my cycling is commuting each way to work, I shouldn't say sadly, because I really enjoy my trips immensely, no matter what the weather. Leisure trips are limited to a couple of loops up and down this beautiful valley that I have the good fortune to live in. I've written in the past about wanting to break out of this valley, travel further afield etc., but it's having the time. But then, all the pundits when talking about people who are really good at something, such as rugby footballers, talk up the fact of having time on the ball to do something special, which makes them a bit more special than their colleagues.

Is that what it's all about? Am I short of time, because I'm not good enough?

I read several cycling blogs regularly on the internet. Not only am I amazed and have total admiration for the quality of the writing, photos, and total committment to providing almost daily comment about their cycling, but am in awe at how they combine work, cycling, blogging as well as being able to get on with all the rest of the paraphernalia, that living entails. To sum such bloggers up, they are something special.

Some have been on the scene for a long time, I've been reading them for several years, but some are much newer to my attention. There are a vast number of cycling blogs out there, in the blogosphere, and I can only apologise to you my reader, for ommitting your favourite one.

First my long established favourites. The late much lamented "Ken Kifer's Bike Pages", the "mnbicyclecommuter", "Up in Alaska", and then there's my favourite girl cyclists, who by the way are seriously gorgeous, i.e., "Bikeskirt", "Let's go ride a bike", and "Lovely Bicycle".

Then there's the new boys and girls on the blog, get it, well I thought it was funny. " The Massive Mountain biker", who has made fantastic progress so quickly in his goal to lose weight, while along the way, keeping us informed of his trials and tribulations, not forgetting becoming a regular blogger for "Bikeradar", awesome!! Keep it up Clive! Then we have "Wowy and the Cycler", a girl pedalling towards her own goals, who has found a true renaissance of her life. It's all great inspiring stuff to read and follow.

While I struggle like hell, to get anything done, lose weight, look better, pedal further and faster, improve my mechanical skills, the list is endless. AM I AN ALSO CYCLED?

I only have one thing in common with all you fantastic, beautiful cycling bloggers, "WE ALL LOVE TO RIDE A BIKE", now there's a good name for a blog, if ever I saw one, and I've seen quite a few now.

You excellent achieving bloggers seem to have gained the nirvana of organised life balance, or are your lives just as chaotic as mine? I've got to find the key, there must be an "allen key" to sort it, but then you know me and mechanicals.