Tuesday, 3 August 2010

This is a struggle.

I've been nights since Sunday, after doubling back from days on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, of last week, and I'm pooped. Eating less seems to be hitting my energy levels, so much so, that I'm taking the car to travel in this evening, I hate doing so, because I miss my ride so much. When it comes to the morning, I'll be itching to get on the Subway.

Am I fooling myself about my energy levels? I'm starving now. After the struggle to get home on the bike this morning, I just couldn't face attempting to pedal. Yes, I have felt like that before, but it's been a long time since I've felt so worn out on the ride.

Weighed myself last Friday, 16 stone exactly, so I have to lose 2 stone, i.e., 28 lbs by 15th February 2011, my 60th birthday, perhaps 4 lb a month or call it 1 lb a week, just like doing the lottery then, because I lose a pound a week, every week, doing that!

Easy then.

I'll be looking up sensible food to eat, and planning to get that into my diet asap. Why do I love my food so much?

Anyway, forgive the rambling, go to go now.


Clive Chapman said...

If it was easy we'd all have physiques like Lawrence Dallaglio!

Apart from the baldness natch...

I'm exactly the same mate, food! Gimme gimme gimme!

All you can do is tough it out, it does get easier once your head comes to terms with it I promise.

Anyway as you know you ain't alone!

we;shcyclist said...

Cheers Clive, I read your blog, as I do most days, I'm totally in awe of your average speed. I had a good ride home today, but lucky if I averaged 12mph, scared to check at the moment. By the way, I always see Lawrence Dallaglio looking back at me in the mirror, without the baldness natch... That's a major part of my problem, I try to hide my fatness, by ignoring what's plainly in view. I think I'll call it delusional slimexia syndrome, or DSS for short, now where have I heard that before?