Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Standing still...

Weighed myself today, no progress yet. The scales said 16 stone dead, no change at all. The good news is, I should say bad, but, I haven't been on my bike since last Saturday, when I cycled home from work. This means that now I'm eating less?? when I start back commuting to and from work, tomorrow, I'll be burning calories, hopefully more than I consume.

I suppose it's the relative non activity of the last three days, but I'm feeling decidedly portly at present, perhaps it's in my head, and I'm self conscious about things.

Did the supermarket run today with her indoors, took some extra time looking around for "healthy" foods, particularly for when I'm at work. That's the place where I take on too many extra calories, the too many I'm not burning up. 12 hours is a long shift, and when things get quiet, that's when I get the munchies.

As I've said, many times before, I love my food, and particularly when I'm away from the supervision of herself, her indoors, I tend to over indulge. Why that's so, I don't know, but I'm going to have to defeat that tendency, asap.

Up till 2003 I smoked a pipe, had done so since the age of 19, so a total of 33 years I had smelt like an ashtray, but really loved to smoke my pipe, probably three ounces a week. A couple of times I told myself, I was going to give it up, but wasn't serious enough to follow it through. Then I remember taking part in a five a side football tournament with my workmates, I fell down, and I struggled to get up, I was at me heaviest then, but I was also quite breathless, and running was a struggle, I knew something had to be done.

I gave up smoking on a Tuesday, and have never smoked since. Looking back, I should have done three things.

1. Given up smoking.

2. Started eating healthily.

3. Taken up exercise.

Sometime ago, I heard, on the radio, an "expert" talking about peoples' ability to give up addictive practises, and learnt that apparently, it is the case that people who can give up "smoking", immediately, like moi, have a brain that is "damaged" in some way? I'm sure there are many who will gladly attest to that fact, in my case. But going back to the three things I should have done back in 2003, about a year later I started riding a bike, so exercise started, but I never got around to food? Food, it seems, is overly important to me, why?

I am a twin, I have a twin sister, who was born a couple of hours before me, was I the runt of the pair, who needed to grab as much as he could? I know I've always been a big eater, through childhood and my teens, all those calories got burned over and over again, because my generation had the benefit of the great outdoors, and competitive sport not only at home, but at school all year round. Rugby, soccer, athletics, the lot, I really feel sorry for kids today.

Sadly, when I left school things started slowing down, so much so, my weight started a slow inevitable rise, from a fit 13 stone 7 lbs, at 20, to 17 stone 10 lbs at 51. It's interesting to point out, that the lighter figure, would still classify me as obese today? Perhaps I'm big boned?

Well I'm on the bike in the morning, carrying a load of healthier foods to eat at work, it'll be a great start if I don't eat it all on the first day!

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Clive Chapman said...

It seems your head is in the right place and asking the right questions. This is good!

Good luck when you're back on the bike!