Monday, 17 November 2008

What did I say about time?

Looking west across the Neath river meanders
across the wide valley floor in it's "old age stage"

Yet again time has flown, I haven't been on my bike for 3 days now, and didn't manage to write up about my last ride either, which I was very pleased with, and enjoyed, because it was a new route for me.
Virtually the same shot, just trying to improve
what can be seen, on this damp morning, as you
can see, with no success.
A nicer image here of the old church at Cadoxton,
I presume it is St. Cadoc's. one of the famous
saints of Wales.
This new route then, it was down the opposite side of the valley. I travelled down the valley as far as Resolven, then crossed over the bridge, travelling through Resolven itself, then along the B road, from there into Neath itself, via Aberdulais, and Tonna, but on the left side of the river.
The road is more up and down, than the one on the other side, which is the main reason I've never ventured upon it, because of what I now believe is my psychological fear of hills. Also it's a longer route into Neath.
Well I was very pleasantly surprised, because the hills did not give me any grief at all, and I'm getting more comfortable using the derailleur gears. I don't think they were as bad as I'd allowed myself to imagine. Consequently, the ride was very enjoyable, but I didn't tarry, as I had to get back to Elizabeth, so didn't have time to take any photos. Well just three, again not very good quality, but the good news is, I've just figured out how to upload pictures from our old camera, which has twice as many pixels, so hopefully the said quality will improve. Of course I'll have to remember to carry it with me.

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