Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Time flies, doesn't it.

It's almost 2 weeks since my last post, where does the time go? The weather has been horrendous, but I've braved the rains and winds, to keep up a daily average of 20 miles at least. I can do a 2 hour loop each day before Elizabeth is up, and then share the rest of the day with her, when I'm not working, and do my 40 mile roundtrip commute, when in work for the day or night. The Subway 1 continues to perform well, but I've decided to get some pedal clips, because my new cycle specific shoes slip on the pedals when wet.

Stupidly I thought any pair would do, so I bought a pair in Halford fo £6.99, brought them home to discover they won't fit the Subway 1's pedals. We live and learn I suppose, so for the moment I'm back to square one. The slipping is a real problem when I stand out of the saddle going up hill, it's only recently that I've acquired/used this skill, I believe the geometry of the Subway 8 made it difficult for me, while the Subway 1 is more accomodating, then again perhaps it's all in my head.

Going to have to stop for now, I'll try to write up some more asap, time certainly does fly, sometimes I wish I could, but even that skill would be pushed into 2nd place after cycling.

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Josh said...

Go clipless. After a couple months with clipless pedals, you will wonder how people ride without them.