Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Well here she is...My Carrera Subway LTD.

This is my new bike, complete with Brookes saddle, disc brakes, 21 gears, fenders and rear pannier rack, only one problem, had her for a few weeks now, but haven't managed a meaningful ride on her.

Up and down the street doesn't count. Didn't want to ride her on my commute, partly that, " oh I can't get it dirty", because it's new and shiny, but mostly because I need to get used to the new set up, i.e., the new Brookes saddle, and the 7 extra gears compared to my trusty Subway 1. Sice then it began snowing, and we've ended up with 4 inches of the stuff, that's been hanging around ever since in the form of ice, which after last year's fall I've got a very natural aversion to. So the poor girl's been locked up in the shed, all this time.

Today, I decided it was time to let the world see her, took her out of the shed into the cold -4 degrees centigrade, to take her portrait against the snowy backdrop.

What do you all think?
For me, I hope she's going to be the perfect commuting bike, only time, actually in the saddle, will tell, so go away snow !!!


Red Bike said...

I wasn't very struck with my Brooks saddle when I first got it. I initially found it hard and slippery.
But now that the saddles softened up and worn in, it's probably the most comfortable saddle i've ever owned.

Apertome said...

Looks like a great bike ... both fun and practical.

And, I know how you feel. I recently got a new mountain bike, but I have yet to ride it on trails, they're too muddy to ride without doing some damage. I am just itching to hit the trails.

Took me a while to get to like my Brooks saddle as well, but now I can't imagine riding anything else for road biking.

welshcyclist said...

Good to hear that the brookes saddles have eventually come up trumps for both you guys, thanks for looking in on my blog Red Bike and Apertome

coastkid said...

hi,came across your blog via dougs,likewise with first its not too good then after its broken in (my B17 took 6-700 miles) its amazing,wait till you go a ride on a sunday a bit sore after a epic sat..thats when you appreciate them!,got 3 more to buy now!,oh and happy new year!

welshcyclist said...

Cheers coastkid, keep posting I enjoy your blog

Russell said...

You appear to have raised the handle bar - how was this done?

Have the Subway LTD and need to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Also, what mudguards are these?

welshcyclist said...

Hi Russel, I got a raiser stem from Halfords, and they fitted it forme. Sorry Anonymous I'll have to get back to you wrt fenders, I don't recall the make.