Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Eve

The clock's ticking down to the start of 2010, I'm afraid I'm not feeling very jovial. Over two weeks since I had a ride on my bike, either one, because of ICE.

I'm determined to go for a ride in the morning, because there's a saying about doing things on New Years day, which totally escapes me for the moment. Something along the lines of .... if you do something on New Years day, you'll be doing alot of the same through the new year....

Suppose I'm just superstitious.

It's dry out and so, even though the temperature is forcaste to drop to -3 degrees centigrade, means there should be no ice out there in the early hours to ambush me. No exercise on the bike has left me feeling, I don't know, just old. I'm feeling stiff after sitting down for an hour, and my legs are creaking, when I walk up and down stairs. It's amazing how quickly, and by the way, I would never describe myself as being anywhere near fit, one loses any kind of tone/capability/ or fitness for an activity of some sort.

Which obviously means, I've got to regain that "tone", or whatever you wish to call it. Sadly, that makes the pimple of a hill, at Aberdulais, which I've always thought of as my nemesis, even more daunting.

Wish me luck for the morning, and a Happy New Year to everyone out there in cyberspace, cheers.


Antoine said...

Happy New Year from the Antipodes.

SiouxGeonz said...

Wishing you luck! Ice doth suck!

Nick said...

Happy New Year! I know how you feel; there's been no cycling here either, due to a combination of snow/ice and a dose of flu. Snow makes the city here look better, but it certainly doesn't make me feel better. Having to take the bus to work is NO FUN.

Sorry to hear about your work troubles; I trust the bastards can be brought to heel rapidly!

welshcyclist said...

Nice to hear from you Nick, it is a very frustrating time, off the bike and on strike as well. Sadly, it looks like being a long drawn out struggle, we all know the government, agencies and companies are all in cahoots, to defeat the unions. As far as my union, the RMT, is concerned, if we lose this fight, we are on skidrow. They are attacking our conditions of service, the hours we work, our pensions, our rights, to the very core, of what has been won by the union members of the past. Problem is we have so many "new" members who know nothing of that heritage, that the "I'm alright jack" scenario is a very real danger. I have to admit I'm very worried for the future.

Nick said...

Yes, it's odd how people seem prepared to give up without a struggle, or even a second thought, what it's taken years of co-ordinated effort for their predecessors to win on their behalf. And how they seem to accept without protest the "right" of employers and government to diminish them. It's difficult (for me) to understand. I wish you well in your efforts to halt this ghastly process.