Sunday, 17 May 2009

I'm still cycling the Neath Valley.

Yes, it's been a long time since my last post, looking at the date, over 2 months now. Time is the problem, I constantly use the Subway 1, for my commute, and still get out most days to do at least 25 or so miles, but time to write about my trips is hard to come by. I've done alot of miles, even wore out the pedals on the Subway, last week, the bearings had gone in the right pedal, causing a terrible creaking and screaching as I pedalled along. Quite disconcerting for people and animals alike, especially at 04.30 in the morning when it's still very dark, while I'm wending my way to work.

A complete change of subject I know, but for some unknown reason I'm unable to manoeuvre photos onto my post, the top picture, at the start of this post, is a shot of my new pedal, and the second the old one. Naturally I replaced the pair, and fortunately it was done for free, by Halfords, who are going up and up in my estimation. I explained to Russell, the manager of the bicycle repair section, that I'd only had the Subway 1, since September of last year, and even though I'd down over 5,000 miles since, the pedals should still have lasted 12 months. So he replaced them under the Subway 1's warranty. Not that they, or for that matter, the ones that they replaced were expensive, but it's always great not to have to put one's hand in one's pocket. Let's hope they'll be good for another 5,000 miles?

This problem with adding photos is severely hampering this post, because over the last 2 months I've taken lots of shots that I want to incorporate in this and future posts, and I've also alot to report. As the blog is headed, I'm still cycling the Neath Valley, virtually every day, and enjoying it so much. But reporting it is so much more difficult without the aid of a few relevent shots/photos. I'm going to have to ask my son Keiron jnr., to see if he can find out what the problem is.

Meanwhile, I went out for a ride this morning. Got up at 06.30., but didn't leave till 07.45. First I had to adjust my rear brake, after discovering I had very little in the way of stopping power on yesterday's ride, and then I spent a good 20 minutes sheltering in my shed, waiting for a good old fashioned downpour to pass over. As a result of the late start only knocked up 18 miles on a shortened loop, lately I've been averaging 25-30 miles, on my days off work.

Even though I'd waited in the dry of the shed for those 20 minutes, I still got a good soaking, within 20 more minutes of starting out, then as it usually does, it stopped raining, and I had yet another great ride, under gradually clearing skies, until when I got home, it was glorious sunshine amid the blue.


2whls3spds said...

I use blogspot also. You can try the help feature...but what I do to get pictures where I want them: 1) write the blog post 2)upload the pictures 3)go to the html editor tab, then cut and paste the code for the picture where I want it in the text. Usually it does what I want...on the second or third try. YMMV. People that are computer savvy and want better control over their text and photos seem to like wordpress. I haven't progressed that far in the blogging hierarchy yet.


welshcyclist said...

Thanks 2whls3spds for the tip, but I'm afraid I'm very low on the computer savvy tree, I think I've come up with a solution though. I believe if I do a system restore from the date that I was last able to move these uploaded shots, things will go back to normal. Fingers crossed!