Sunday, 5 October 2008

Photos at last!!!

This is Elizabeth, my wife, sorry partner to be politically correct, and Jack, my son Conor's and Anne's, his partner, little boy, who is 10 years of age.

Well, at last I'm having a go, I really thought it would be alot more complicated, but my son, Keiron jnr spent 5 minutes showing me what to do, so here goes....

At long last I can publish a photo to my blog, the above is a barricade scene form the Irish War of Independence c. 1919-21, courtesy of my eldest son Keiron jnr., who completed his PhD on the subject. Next I hope to be uploading pictures, from my mobile phone, that I take while on my commute or travels on the Subway 8.

And there's another one, this time a shot of Blarney castle, where we lived in County Cork, Eire, not the castle of course, but in the village, between 1975-1979.

This is a photo of my middle son, Conor with his new wife Anne, just after their wedding on 5th May 2007.

And these are from Elizabeth and my wedding way back on 16th August 1972, black and white, how times have changed. Well there are going to be alot of photos in this blog of mine from now on, not that I'm any good with any kind of camera, but I should get an 'A' for trying.

Now I'm going to try to upload a picture from my mobile phone, so I'll have to save this in draft form for now, to come back later.


Doug said...

Wow, pictures!! Can't wait to see more pictures from your part of the world!!

welshcyclist said...

Glad to hear from you Doug, I hope
to get better quality pictures soon.