Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fresh start??

Went to and back, from my work, yesterday, on my new Carrera Subway 1, that Halfords gave me as a replacement for my Subway 8. Halford admitted they could not service/repair it, because their staff neither had the training or tools to do so. I think that is very strange indeed, and so I've been trawling the internet, to find out more.

Found this Guest Review at :

It seems I've been a little short changed, by my local Halfords, when compared with this gentleman, who at least had 2 years service from his second 8 speed hub, I only got 6-7 months from mine, before Halford gave up on it. The big question, however, that is begging to be asked, and of course answered is:-

" Why has Halfords sold, and is continuing to sell the Carrera Subway 8, alongside it's Bikecare Plan, when they, as a company, cannot service, or repair, or support the product?"

I wrote to Shimano, makers of the internal hub gears, the Nexus 8, which has given me so much grief, I'm hoping to hear from them about replacing/repairing the hub, because Halfords have said I can have the old Subway 8 back, all I have to do is pick it up from the store. My way of thinking is, if I can get the hub repaired/replaced, I can then refurbish the Subway 8 back to working order, we'll see.

Getting back to the Subway 1, Saturday I used it, as I said for my commute, I was very tentative about taking it, because of its derailleur gears. But quite frankly I was very, very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, and I was able to change gears, when needed, with no bother, having twist grips for the 14 speed was great. The bike as a whole is so much lighter, it was a veritable revelation, and my average speed increased accordingly. Normally I manage about 12.8 mph on my 3 hour roundtrip, yesterday it was 14.2 mph., or was it, simply the joy of being back in the saddle, and actually having a bike to ride again, only time will tell, as I continue my commutes.

Sadly today I didn't commute, the weather was horrendous last night, I got absolutely drenched cycling, and it continued to pour down all through the night, when I got up this morning, all my gear was still soaking, so very unusually for me, I decided to take the car. Of course, a couple of hours after getting to work, the sun came out, despite the forecast for the opposite, and it hasn't rained since. So I've been kicking myself all day, for not managing to get a ride today.

My wonderful shift pattern plus using up my leave, sees me off work now, until a week next Saturday, unless I get some overtime. Yes, I'm off until Saturday 8th November. So I have to be strict with myself, and get in a substantial cycle ride everyday, because I have only been using the Subway 8 for the commute, I've tended to be rather complacent when I've been off work. Hopefully, the newness of the Subway 1, plus it's, seemingly, faster qualities will spur me on, to keep the good work going. I just feel so great as a direct result of my cycling, I have more energy, and am more willing, able, and don't feel so bothered about, taking on things, that really need doing, especially around the house.

I believe I had become a bit of a slouch, almost a couch potatoe, it's no wonder that 3 years ago I was up to 17 stone 6 pounds, I took no real exercise, and had got into a rut. I just couldn't be bothered to do anything around the house, and on the odd occasion, when Elizabeth shamed me into doing the odd bit of decorating or DIY, I soon tired of it, as too much of an effort. Things have changed, last week, saw me painting Tierloch's room, and also painting the living room, everyday. Elizabeth even commented, that it made a nice change for me to do it all without moaning or losing my temper. But then honestly I really enjoyed doing it, this newfound energy is there to be burned.

So while I'm making a fresh start on a new bike, perhaps it's also a new start, at home, with me being more DIY inclined. Again, we'll have to see how things progress.


Nick said...

It's truly amazing what difference a derailleur can make!

Seriously, enjoy your new ride (and learn to love the fact that you'll have to spend time on making adjustments every now and then, if you can).

welshcyclist said...

You're right nick, I'm already getting very fond of ny new gears, but I'm a terrible mechanic, so I'll be a while learning how to do those adjustments, I'll definitely give it a go though. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

David Hembrow said...

Normally I'd suggest that a derailleur would be less reliable. However, in this case...