Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Off the road...

My Subway has been in my LBS, Halfords, they finally took delivery of a replacement tyre, it was fitted for me last Saturday. I made the mistake of not trying the bike out, after picking it up, but I was in a rush to get back to work. Then Sunday, I didn't get out at all on it, so that Monday morning, when I started my commute, was the first time I rode it. It soon became obvious that the gears were all wrong, had to turn round, head home and take my car, to do the trip, extremely annoyed.

I've been here before, new tyre fitted to the back wheel = gears cocked up, it seems they forget to readjust after refitting the back wheel!! Monday was a bank holiday, so Halfords basically were able to fob me off, saying no mechanic would be available till tomorrow, Wednesday. Anyway, I had a look at it, and it is clearly apparent that the gear cable was in correctly routed, which I was able to rectify, then I read up the late Sheldon Brown's article about the Nexus 8, and feel confident that I can sort it out myself. I'm going to do it tomorrow in my break, if I fail I'll take it back to Halfords, but hopefully I'll be back commuting for Thursday night shift.

These past few days have been extremely frustrating, seeing loads of new cycle commuters giving it a go, while I've been stuck in the car.

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