Thursday, 7 August 2008

As usual, got the facts wrong...

I really should get a diary to make notes in, my last post said that I'd had 6 weeks of puncture free cycling, but having looked back over my posts, I can plainly see that I haven't had a puncture since at least 14th May, which almost doubles the time to 11 weeks..... a much better result eh?

Didn't cycle today and missed it, no work for me today, but I had to do some shopping with Elizabeth, will be back commuting to and from work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

Got my Subway back on Tuesday, they established the guaranteed tyre had been punctured, by a piece of bone, about half an inch thick, tapered to an extremely sharp end. It went straight through the tyre and tube, and was lodged in the tube itself, so they've put a new inner tube in the old tyre for now, while we wait for a new tyre to come into stock at Halfords. All free of course, because of the guarantee and my 'Bikecare' agreement.

Did the commute yesterday no problem, with the Subway at least, I found it very warm and humid, on the way in, in the morning, and was soaking in sweat when I arrived, thankfully it was alot cooler when I made the trip home. I'm still struggling on the one hill, on the way in, mainly because I need a better headlight, it's so dark in the mornings now, at about 04.30 that I can't judge when to change gear. Usually I get half way up, then sit back and tootle up the rest in 2nd gear, so not extending myself there then! On the way home, when it's light, I have another problem, self-conciousness. I hate other people to see me, when I'm obviously struggling up an incline of some kind, sad I know, but if there are people around I climb quicker, pushing harder and for longer, usually ending up exhausted out of the sight of those prying eyes. If I can't make it out of sight, I hope I'll have the courage to get off and push, or I could end up in casualty. Worse, what would a psychologist make of that?

Sorry but that's all I have time to type for now, ugh 3 days in work now, if it wasn't for the cycle commute, and of course, if I could afford it, I wouldn't bother to go.

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