Thursday, 21 February 2008

No I'm still here!

Well I've not posted anything for weeks, but that doesn't mean anything hasn't been happening, far from it. I've been consistently doing my part-commute to and from work, and have now clocked 309 miles since attaching my cycle computer, only missed one day's commute, when I thought I had a problem with my Nexus 8 internal hub gears. There's been a cold snap of late, alot of severe frost overnight, and freezing temperatures in early morning. Last Sunday I unloaded my Subway 8, off the car rack, etc., only to find, when I started to cycle, that I couldn't change gear, I was stuck in 3rd. I persisted on my route, hoping the problem would self-rectify, but after a mile or so I turned back, loaded everything back into the car and drove on to work, fortunately I wasn't late.

Later that morning, during my break, I took my bike into the workyard, and gave it a spin, it worked perfectly? I couldn't figure out what had been wrong, next day same thing happened as I started my cyle part of the journey, however, this time it self-rectified itself, before I got out of the car park. Discussing it all with my colleagues at work, we decided it had to do with the temperature, it had been -4 , and -2 degrees celsius, on the Sunday and Monday respectively, which I would have thought should be in the range of tolerance for such a piece of equipment as the Nexus 8.

Especially when I read about Doug, mncyclecommuter's exploits, with his Nexus 8, in the really severe winter temperatures of Duluth, Minnesota. I'll have to ask some questions on some of the cycling forums. I checked for technical data on the Shimano site, but mostly it's gobbledegook, as far as I'm concerned. However, I did find out there is a special grease in the Nexus 8, which needs to be replaced, say when the bike is serviced, but at most, since I've had the Subway, I can only have done approximately 600 miles, which would appear very low, for the grease to be replaced? If anyone out there can advise, I'd be grateful.

Other than that, everything has been fine, I became 58 on the 15th February, so Elizabeth and I went to Brighton for a few days, stayed at the Twenty One hotel, bed and breakfasting, I took the Subway 8, and cycled every morning between 07.45 and 09.30, returning to have breakfast with Elizabeth, and then spending the day together. The cycling facilities were great, and there was plenty to do all round, and great restaurants for that special evening meal. We tasted our first Thai meal, at the Sopa restaurant, and were very impressed.Anyone going for a stay in Brighton, I can' recommend The Twenty One highly enough, thanks to Mat and Andy for making our stay perfect. I've put a review on TripAdvisor.

Well that brings it up to date, I'm officially off work now until a week Sunday, though I have no doubt I will be called in for overtime shifts. Of course because I'm off, it's raining and I seem to be coming down with a sore throat etc.,well it looks that way, sod's law as they say. Talk to you all (??) again soon.

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