Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On my soapbox.

I've just been replying to a comment, from my blogging pal Nick. During that rambling reply, yes I know I do go on, my dander was raised i.e., I became very concerned about the degenerates who litter our streets with glass, and other sharp detritus, seemingly smashed and thrown where it can do most harm. Here, in my part of the world, I believe the problem is endemic, and it's no wonder to me, that we humans are destroying the natural world around us at such a rapid pace.

Our behaviour is disgraceful, cosumerism does not give us the right to litter our streets, paths, fields, hedgerows, woods, streams, rivers, seas and oceans, the way that we do. Why are we letting ourselves do this?

What's the government doing about it ? Or better still what are we doing about it ?

I believe it's up to us all to do something.

The government to punish those that are too lazy or trying to make money out of not recycling waste on either a personal or industrial scale, while we the public get involved in recycling and disposing of our waste goods in proper and beneficial ways, that help the environment. Quite simple really.

Meanwhile, as far as the toerags that litter the roads and cyclepaths we travel on, they should be sh....!

1 comment:

Clive Chapman said...

They should be sh...?

Is that shot or shit? Or would both suffice? ;-)